Our Manifesto

Our pledge is to assist clients with dedication and human involvement in their business and life situations, with a special care towards each of their particular story. Our work moulds around specific and maybe unprecedented situations. The wise path in our promise is about step by step construction, balance in reasoning, empathy and careful approach of the litigation proceedings. We have always understood how important the client comfort is. The right solution is delivered always out of deep knowledge and sharp performance.

I am Alina Alexe and I have more than 15 years of experience in providing legal assistance for both companies and individuals in their day-to-day operations and representation in civil and commercial lawsuits, labor law and family law litigation.

I value professionalism and expertise as much as I value kindness and balance. Each case has a story behind as businesses are after all, no longer B2B or B2C, but human to human.

Empathy and soft approach towards each case

Unless you understand the case as a human being first, you cannot perform professionally to solve the issue. We measure our results in cases won and worries dismantled.

Deep knowledge of our areas

Our office relies on sound knowledge of each area of expertise which is the sine-qua-non term of our services.

Long term partnership with corporate clients

We have developed long term partnerships with our corporate clients , and we have grown as almost a part of their company. We usually become hard to replace simply because we care.


We are a company dedicated to clients and their particular needs. As is happens most often people resort to lawyers when they are not in a very fortunate situation, we understand the emotional background of our work and strive to offer „the wise path to the right solution” with profesionalism and care for details. We just want our clients to understand and feel that their legal issues are well taken care of.


Our Lawyers

Matei Dabija

“I have over 10 years of experience and I specialized in business law and real estate rights. I approach thoroughly each case with a flexible mindset...

Mihai Bosa

“I am passionate to provide thorough advice, regardless if the focus is on multidisciplinary projects or straightforward assignments...

Vlad Dragomir

“I am a member of Alina Alexe Law Office since 2013 and I specialize in commercial law, civil law, labor law, insolvency and civil litigation. I have a more direct approach towards...